Interpretations of Anger

Interpretations of Anger

Posted 2014-02-21 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow
Being angry and taking it out on someone aren't the same.

Anger is an emotion due to frustration or a problem concerning the individual; whereas taking out anger on someone when they're not the source of your problem is unfair and undeserving. Life is hard enough, and therefore even having someone rage for no reason or vice versa isn't ideal. There are better ways to handle rage.

If angry, take the time to work out a more civilised approach before something out of line is said or done. The frontal lobe in the brain is used for reasoning, as well as for planning and personality traits. Worst case scenario is stressing that part of the brain, and the brain then results to using a central part of the brain which revolves around irrational behaviour.

Take up a physical hobby. Yoga, running, swimming etc. After the work out it should help relieve stress, and make the individual too tiresome to argue.

With conflict or any form of rage, it's better to take time away from the person who caused it or vice versa. Time and space helps a lot. That way people can communicate in a more calmer manner.


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