Inspiring Scenes

Inspiring Scenes

Posted 2015-06-26 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Movies have the uncanny ability to uplift us and get the blood pumping. Here are a few great scenes from films I've loved and enjoyed.

If you hate your job and considering quitting, but can't find the courage you should check out the scene from the movie American Beauty where Kevin Spacey's character has been asked to write out a report on his job description. The new efficiency expert at his workplace is blown right out of the water with his response.

Who can forget the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Robert's character walks back into the store where she had previously been rejected and made to feel inferior by the boutique assistants. She burst in looking elegant and full of confidence,expensive shopping bags in hand. The look on the store manager's face is priceless. This is a good reminder that you may been down on your luck at some point, but the day will come where you will get your moment to shine, so don't let the bad guys win.

Towanda! It's the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates character finally snaps after she's been pushed over too many times. This time around it's in the parking lot of a supermarket. A couple of younger women steal her parking spot. What she does next is totally unexpected. Completely illegal of course, but empowering and hilarious...

Daniel Son has been bullied and beaten throughout the classic 80's film Karate Kid. He has worked hard and gone through a gruelling training process by his sensei Mr Miyagi. It's now the final scene in a karate tournament where Daniel is facing his enemy. It doesn't look good, he is badly injured. And then...

This group of misfits were unlikely to win or excel at anything. That is until Major Payne came along. They shock everyone at the end of year Military games with their new found confidence...

Nobody puts baby in the corner says a very young and sexy Patrick Swayze in the hit flick Dirty Dancing. They've been through a rough trot and had to hide their love affair, but in this end scene they prove to everyone just how great their union is. They have had the time of their lives...

He starts off sounding as frightened as a mouse, but with the prompting of Whoopi Goldberg's character in the sequel to Sister Act this young student blows everyone away...and oh what a happy day it was...


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