Innocent Eyes Have the Best View of the World

Innocent Eyes Have the Best View of the World

Posted 2014-01-07 by Lorna Bergamascofollow
“See the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.” – Ron Wild

Children view the world through uncomplicated eyes. There is wonder and awe in everything new, and an honesty which is so rare and refreshing. If we could only imprint this unspoilt view of the world in our own minds, how differently we would think and react.

I always encouraged my daughters to use their imaginations, and as an Irish mother, I passed on the stories told to me about the ‘little folk’ who lived at the bottom of the garden. This magical world took them into adventures of their own making, and the ability to see this world became the foundation for all their stories and poems, which in turn created a wealth of memories which they look back on today.

Of course, children live in the moment, saying exactly what they think and having the uncanny knack of simply seeing everything as it really is. However, growing up may cloud our vision, and very often those innocent glasses which we wore as children are put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Personal experience, issues which we have to deal with, and life in general can distort our view. Sometimes, just dealing with life on a daily basis can be a struggle.

It is at times like these when what we need is a good dose of optimism. Perhaps we should go to the drawer where our glasses lie buried and put them on. Perhaps take a walk, and see the world through different eyes. Instead of pondering everything you have to do, and thinking that this walk is really a waste of time, stop, and look at the beauty around you. Smile and marvel at the wonder of nature. Walk through the dead leaves on the path, enjoy the crunch under your feet, or watch the sunlight streaming through the trees and listen to the gentle hum of insects. Think about how you feel, reflect and live in the moment.

Remember, you are wearing your glasses, and so you have the ability to see your world through the eyes of a child. Every now and again, just to give you a different outlook on whatever is troubling you, put them on. Don’t bury them in a drawer, forgotten and unused. Place them where you can always find them: imprinted on your mind and viewed with your heart.


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