Infuse Yourself into Culture

Infuse Yourself into Culture

Posted 2014-01-20 by hhactfollow
Infuse yourself into Culture. It will be good for you.

Taste the food of a thousand countries and inhale the fragrance of a thousand teas. Even ones you do not like.

Especially ones you do not like.

It will open your soul not only to those unfamiliar customs that are but so adored by its people, but also to a world within yourself. A world whose map becomes slowly clearer inside your subconscious each time you break away from always ordering that same burger from that same restaurant down the road. A world whose map spreads further and wider as you travel deeper to places you do not know. A map whose lines are thickened with jet black as you walk the cobble stoned streets of whimsical London and ride through the exotic summer nights of Vietnam. A world whose maps never ends as it takes unexpected twists and turns as you begin every morning with Jasmine Tea and end every night with the soothing serenity of Edith Pilaf.

Infuse yourself into Culture. It will be good for you.

For if you do - this map will one day lead you to a destination you never knew existed. A destination designed for you, by you. A destination that is not shaped by any land nor size nor make – rather – it is simply – a happier you. A worldlier you who have lived your life traveling and embracing and infusing yourself into chances and places that which had once been unfamiliar to you – are now considered a part of you.

Just like a bag of tea in a mug of boiling clear water.

Let new experiences and adventures spread throughout your every limb and fashion a smile and soft eyes of nostalgia every single time you drive past your local florist and smell the sweet juices of cherry blossoms whisking through the air – traveling with the wind.
You must drink the tea.
Infuse yourself into Culture. It will be good for you.


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