Imagine You Are a Car

Imagine You Are a Car

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This is a good question. What part of a car would you be?

What type of car would you choose to be?

Tricky question to answer. Have a good think about it.

Imagine you are writing your life story for the future and you can put any details into your script, but this question has to be answered relating to your life.

Are you a rusty old car that needs parts, and is just wasting away to nothing?

Or no shine on the outer surface, with mirrors hanging down (people not liking their own reflection)?

Door handles are falling off (cannot be bothered taking care of issues)?

Glass mirror is broken (shattered from life's traumatic experiences)?

Seats have holes in them (been an angry person through your life)?

The wheels are very loose (emotions are up and down all the time)?

The pedals are stuck (you are stuck in a rut)?

Are the wipers falling apart (is it your soul searching for a new chance at life)?

Perhaps the engine is blown (you have hit rock bottom)?

You are exhausted from just about everything (your brakes are faulty)?

You start to feel trapped in your cocoon of life (petrol tank is glugged up with sticky stuff, and you're desperate for some good in your life)?

Finally the steering wheel is half off (you have no direction in life)?

If that question was said to me, I know I would be the steering wheel, because I want to have the power to steer and change my life’s direction.

If I was a new car, I would be a convertible with speed, elegance and power. I would write my script for my life with a convertible that could fly.

So I get to utilise the beauty of the machine, but allow my dreams in life to soar.

Now how would you write your script?

Which car are you?

Whatever car you choose, know you are where you are now in life because of your life’s decisions. Is that good or bad?

We must all learn from our choices and move forward ahead with absolutely no looking back. Just drive your car on the path that will bring you your happiness.

Fill up your car only with the good stuff, and drive full speed ahead.


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