I Want To Tell You What Home Feels Like

I Want To Tell You What Home Feels Like

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Today I am writing from a park in a small town I grew up in. It’s a stunning day, the clear blue sky is draped above me, the easy warm air holds me, and a very gentle breeze fractures the summer haze around me. It’s only after I left this little town six tumultuous years ago, and returned today, that the uniqueness shines from it so brilliantly. I am basking in the light and it feels magnificent.

You know, I can picture myself living in a town like this, far away from the chaotic jostle of city life. All I need is peace and beauty. It’s so quiet right now, I hear only the trickling of water from a rustic fountain, and stones crunching under shoes as the odd person passes me by. People here are happy, languid, messy and comfortable. Everybody is at home here. I even feel at home.

The Nooks And Crannies That Feel Familiar

Maybe it is in that cosy little city apartment, where you thrive from the lights, noise, people and the hustle. Perhaps home is by the water where it’s warm and humid all year around. Or perhaps home is in the bush where kookaburras greet you with their grand laughs and wise faces. Is home with your family? Lover? Animals? Friends? Are you satisfied alone?


It is such a vast word, almost as wide and all encompassing as love. Even the way it comes out of your mouth; H-O-M-E. It’s so big. For me home is more than a physical place, or the company I share on a daily basis.

Home is a feeling that moves inside me quite unlike any emotion.

Home is not an emotion, it doesn’t make me sweat, cry, laugh or shudder, rather, such emotional reactions can instigate a sense of homeliness. Home feels like my heart has been draped by a sheet of silk, smooth as water and unbreakable. It glows brilliantly, a soft pink, musk. Absolutely nothing can break through to my heart and shake it, taint it, deceive it or hate it.

Home is when I am in complete alignment with the universe, and when love encompasses me like air; abundant, free and energising.

Every time I breathe in my heart grows stronger and stronger. I am protected but free at the same time, guided but open to discover and learn. I am loved and in turn I love.

Let Yourself Be Carried Home

Think past your physical situation. In fact move past thought completely and try and tune in to your feelings. Is it when you play music? When you write? Read? Cook? Study? Travel? Teach? Garden?

When you are caught up in the midst of something, when all concept of time is completely lost, and you are left buzzing and fulfilled, my dear, you are home. It will feel right. And this rightness? It’s good old love.

Next time you feel lost, or if you are lost at this very moment, stop. Stop thinking, find your breath and breathe. Try to remember what sparks that crafty fire in your belly, what people have complimented you on, even think back to what made you happy as a child, your home when you were most vulnerable. Then get up and go do it. Be it. You will be right at home before you know it.

Home is where love is most abundant.


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