I Started a Magazine

I Started a Magazine

Posted 2014-03-23 by Millie Claytonfollow


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I wanted to be able to share the fascination of how ideas are actually made. How they have this supernatural ability to grasp hold of you with such a tight grip, it is almost as if you need an exorcism to have it extracted. It feels impossible to shake an idea out of awareness once it presents itself to the conscious mind. It bugs you and annoys you, picks at you, until it becomes fully realised.

I notice that my ideas follow a similar pattern. The present themselves in dreams or singular instances of extreme clarity. The moment arises when the idea comes to a peak of lucidity, only to become less focused and blurred again. Maybe, it is, (I am), not yet ready to become actualised.

It is as if the idea is born from nothing. I am not the creator of this idea but merely present when it decides to make its existence known to me. Its gestation is not always for my betterment yet with each new birth, I feel a transformation of my previous self to someone new.

I dedicate this piece to all the ideas out there that have not yet been formed. Take comfort in knowing that these ideas belong to you and need to be unveiled. Embrace the fact that they are yours yet have come from a foreign place. I dearly hope The Reveries offers you a means to do some unveiling.


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