I Matter Too

I Matter Too

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Getting the Point Across

Every now and then I notice I'm not being listened to. I become this ambient drone-like noise in the background. I am the one with the tee towel over the shoulder and pegs in the mouth, because of whose presence meals magically appear and the bathroom gets cleaned - sometimes I think that's the only way household know I must be about.

Start feeling a little niggle of resentment. This is when I hold off - just in case I'm only having a bad day or being unreasonable.

It usually takes a few things to get to the point where enough is enough and I start to feel ripped off.

Might say something. If I've been quiet long enough - half and half chance that what I do say will possibly be minimised around here.

Not working.

I only really want to be noticed if I think something is important enough to waste breath over. Is it worth it? Too right.

I change my noises. They could get louder or disappear altogether. I've used both strategies - though there was no thought of strategy at the time. Both are equally shocking. Each get the same effect. Wide eyes of household glancing at each other. What is wrong with her?

Why did I do or say that?

Because I'm bloody important. too. Oh, and don't forget it.

Mission accomplished.

Comfort Zones

We try to achieve comfort zones in everyday life. Because we interact with others and have different aspirations, thoughts and feelings - and because life is a series of changes - the comfort zones morph and assume new boundaries. It is a good inevitability and one that reminds us life is not stagnant.

Comfort zones can cause complacency on the parts of you and those around you, making you feel undervalued.

You know your family or circle best. You know best how to communicate with them. Nurture your confidence so you and they have the best you.

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