How to Stop Losing Things

How to Stop Losing Things

Posted 2014-05-27 by Justine lovittfollow
Aargh, the keys could be anywhere...all I need is 'one spot' -why doesn't it work?

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This morning, I woke with a sense of unease. This sense of unease is part of my daily existence, virtually. Because almost every day I lose something. The top three things I lose
1. My mobile phone
2. My keys
3. My wallet

I usually have to get somebody to ring me to find my phone, or if no-one is around/I know they’re sick of hearing I lost it again, I waste countless hours searching through the many layers of my blankets, or hoping somebody calls me. If this is the case, it would probably be fruitless because my phone is usually out of batteries or on silent.

You would think I would have learned over 37 years – but I have not.

In case of the keys, well here I am ahead. I have actually fully decided upon a suitable and permanent location for the keys. However, unfortunately, this hasn’t always resulted in me finding them there. Where am I half the time? God only knows.

The solution here is a brave one indeed – leave my door wide open so I don’t have to wait for the neighbours to arrive home, and so my cat can come and leave as she pleases. I have since stopped such naïve practices and lock my laptop in my bedroom… I think the TV is a little heavy and by today’s standards, a bit sub-par to steal.

The wallet is indeed a tricky one. This one bothers me the most, since I leave most of my cards in it, and most recenty a 220 dollar fine from those bastards at translink. Who ever has money on their Go Card with the translink prices today anyway.
If it is a desperate situation and I need money, I rely on the fact that the local bank know me well enough to let me withdraw the pitiful amount of money I have in my bank.

If I really do need the cards, and the sense of unease grows too large, I am forced to engage in an unpleasant but necessary act- cleaning the house until I find it. This has the rather nice side effect of a much nicer looking place.

My dear friend Caroline is helping me on finding permanent places for the above items to save me countless wasted hours where I could be doing much more worthwhile things.

For any readers out there who experience similar problems, I couldn’t recommend the one place for one thing philosophy – at least for a few key items.
I think I’ve wasted ten years of my life. I don’t intend to waste anymore.


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