How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Posted 2015-11-09 by kaceyfollow

You’ve made a commitment to yourself: You’re going to make healthy choices. At home, this probably isn’t much of a problem. You’ve worked regular workouts, healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle into your daily routine. You’ve even started to see results.

Then you start planning to travel. Whether for business or pleasure, nothing has the potential to wreck a healthy lifestyle like being away from home, out on the road and near new temptations. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Check out the tips below to stay healthy while enjoying your next trip.

Plan It Out

It’s easy to plan how you’ll get somewhere and where you’ll stay. But often the rest of the trip becomes a spur-of-the-moment splurge. A little planning can go a long way.

Get to know the area you’ll be visiting. Sites like Trip Advisor make it easy to find local restaurants and attractions that rate highly according to previous visitors. From there, make a plan for how you’ll spend your free time and where you’ll eat. Check out restaurant menus and call ahead to find out what healthy options are available that may be off the menu.

Planning is an excellent way to combat the negative effects of travel.

Sightsee…on Foot

There’s no better way to understand a culture than to see it for yourself. While bus tours and other sightseeing options are fun and informative, you’ll do more for your health if you take in the sights by foot.

Do research and look for walking tours of the city or locale you’ll be visiting. If you cannot find any, consider hiring a local to take you around for the day. Staying active, even if it’s not in the gym, is still better than sitting. It also allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture.

Indulge Wisely

At home you may have cut back on — or cut out entirely — alcoholic drinks. But vacation isn’t vacation without a few indulgences.

Here’s the best news: Not all alcohol is bad for you. Over the years, it’s gotten a bad rep. Sure, many mixed drinks and beers are heavy on the calories and low on the nutritional value. Wine, however, offers a healthier alternative that many travelers tend to forget.

Many red wines, especially pinot noir, contain high levels of resveratrol, which can also be found in white varieties. Resveratrol contributes to lower cholesterol levels, longer life spans and a lowered risk of blood clots. Because traveling — especially by plane — increases the risk of blood clots, this is a noticeable benefit.

Also remember – you always have the option to enjoy your time with friends and family without having a drink. Allow yourself to soak in the sunshine, get lost in a book, enjoy your fancy dinner and be one with the vacation!


Going nonstop is tempting while traveling. There’s so much you want to see and so little time to see it all. However, that’s not an excuse to be out and about around the clock.

Sleep gives your body time to recover. It’s known to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes and stroke. It also helps fend off common colds that can be picked up so easily while traveling.

Make sure rest is part of your travel plan for your next trip.

Bring Snacks

Hunger can strike at any time. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, hunger can be especially detrimental, as it can lead to unhealthy snacking on whatever’s available or quick. Nothing wrecks a diet faster than unplanned hunger.

To counteract the potential for unhealthy snacking, stock up in advance. Pack healthy snacks in your carry-on to avoid ordering from in-flight menus and bring a few options while you’re out and about on the ground. Nutritional options include: protein bars, bottles of water, low-sodium veggie chips and fruit.

Traveling doesn’t have to ruin the strides you’ve made toward a healthier you. By planning in advance, you can stay healthy and happy during your next trip.


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