How To Host a Great Party

Posted 2014-04-01 by Rachiefollow

Great parties can be very stressful, especially for the host. The most stressful thing when hosting a party is making sure everybody has fun. This can be a difficult thing to accomplish when people are not including themselves, or they're not drinking and getting involved.

Here are some party games that will break the ice; have everybody involved and having fun, and you don’t have to know anybody’s name either:

1. Vegetables:

Each player must elect a vegetable for themselves. The game works by saying your own vegetable, and then the name of somebody else's vegetable, without showing your teeth! If you laugh, you must drink. This is an easy game that will have you giggling on the floor in no time. To make it more fun, try picking a vegetable with lots of S’s.

2. Bagerk:

Somebody begins by putting either their right hand or their left hand up to establish the direction of the game. As they lift their hand up they must make a chicken noise (Bok-gerk). The person sitting next to the side the hand indicated then must do the same. If they choose to raise their other hand the bagerks change direction. If you raise both hands, it skips a player. If you stuff up, you drink. This game does make people look a little bit silly, but if you have the right crowd, you will have people relaxed and feeling comfortable around each other.

3. Chandelier:

This one involves a little preparation. A plastic cup is filled up half way and placed in the middle of the table. Each person is then given a cup of their own which they must fill up half way and arrange around the centre cup. Make sure the cups are close to each other and touching. Using a ping pong ball, each person takes turns in trying to bounce the ball into one of the cups. If the ball falls into your cup, you must drink. If the ball falls into the centre cup, everybody must drink and play a game of flip cup. (Flip cup is played by turning the cup upside down on the edge of the table and trying to flip it over so that it stands the right way up without falling over). The last person to get their cup to stand upright, must drink from the centre cup.

Tip: If you are not drinking, do something else when you would be required to drink. Perhaps a ten second dance?

If mindless drinking games are not your idea of fun, perhaps try a hosting a Murder Mystery Party which can be purchased online or from game stores. Everybody is given a character with a corresponding character description and a suggested outfit. There is even a suggested menu for the night. In no time at all you friends will all be trying to decipher clues and figuring out who could be the murderer. This is a smart idea if you like hosting and want to try something different.

Another thing you must not forget is to have good music. This means that you should choose music that everybody will know, even if you hate mainstream artists. When people know the music, it gives people something to talk about and bond to.

A theme can sometimes be an ice breaker itself. The only trouble with it is themes are only fun if everybody participates. If you know people who are short on money or are just not the type of people to get into it, it can ruin the whole thing. If you really want a theme, offer prizes for the best dressed.

Lastly, stressing shows through. If you are stressed and making sure everybody else is having fun you will forget to have fun yourself. If you know that the party is going to be a loud one, remember to tell the local police before it begins. They are very understanding and will respect you much more if you notify them and the neighbours first. This alone can lift some of the stress off your shoulders.


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