How To Handle Your Kids

How To Handle Your Kids

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It is never easy giving birth, more so, it is never easy being a parent. The challenge does not stop when a child learn to make his own breakfast and bathe himself alone.

Let’s start in childhood. How kids get into our nerves will sometimes or in other situations go out of hand. Here are some ways to handle them, and you should know that it takes effort, but it’s just how it is.

Answer silly questions.

These questions are not silly for them. They have a world to discover. Be patient and do not laugh because they only have a glimpse of reality as compared to the morbidity the world has introduced you to.

Empathize with them.

Remember when you cried about being stolen a candy from by your school mate. It is a funny memory now, but before, it was betrayal. A simple reassurance is enough, do not yell at them for crying out loud because children are very transparent with their emotions just like in the case of tantrums. We have to respect it because these are the distress that they may come across their age. They are not like adults who could conceal even the extreme emotions. One simple way to form stronger bond is to have moments of play--it is as many say as their language.

Set the pace.

The kids need a structure. As much as you would like to keep them from distress, you still must show them that you are in control. Some kids lie, dramatize, overreact and by all means to get what they want. You are a parent which means you are the structure at least while they are young for them to know discipline, and moral principles.

Do what you say you will.

A promise is a promise, and remember that kids love promises. While in adults, “some promises need to be broken, and you just have to deal with it”, not in their case. Going back to setting the pace, these promises could actually save you from their misbehavior in case you need them to follow your instructions. This also trains them to stand by their own words.

Be honest and frank.

One way to discourage dishonesty and build trust is to be honest yourself. Always remember that at their youngest years, you are very influential and whether you be good or not, you are a hero in their eyes.


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