How our Time Perception can Make us Depressed Anxious or Addicted

How our Time Perception can Make us Depressed Anxious or Addicted

Posted 2013-12-29 by Millie Claytonfollow

When doing my Hypnotherapy studies, I came across an idea that was revolutionary to me. The concept of the inextricable nature between Depression, Addiction and Anxiety with the Past, Present and Future.

Generally speaking, an individual usually is prone to one of the aforementioned mental inclinations. What was pointed out to me though, was how strong the ties were between that mental inclination and the time frame a person was stuck thinking in.

- Usually comes about from a state of nostalgia, linked to someones focus on the past. Memory Lane is a dangerous road to go down because was everything really that good at the time?

- Relates to a person too focused on the present moment, craves immediate gratification and pleasure.

- Concerns regarding the future and what that may hold for the thinker, the person who experiences anxiety is unsure and feels as if they are not in control of their own future. It is important to realise that no one has control over the future and the best we can do is plan ahead and brace ourselves for what is going to happen.

How to Uphold Balance

By learning from the past, being in the present yet planning for the future, we can try and create a balance between these modes of thought.


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