How I Got Started

How I Got Started

Posted 2016-02-29 by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneofollow
The Story of

Well, when I had no computer and no transportation, I relied on the U.S. Mail. I was looking for something I could do and thought, "Why not writing?"
I know... mailing submissions in the U.S. Mail is not quite professional.


I handwrote and mailed articles (with enclosed SASE) to women's magazines, greeting card companies, religious magazines and newspapers. Some sent reject letters. Some didn't.

The postage was getting to be extremely expensive.

Finally, a small religious newspaper editor started to publish my submissions. The editor told me that I needed to start somewhere. I have been writing for her ever since. She is a blessing.

Then, years later, I was able to purchase a laptop. A whole new beginning for other options to go along with the newspaper position. I now am a writer for a huge website. The pay stinks, but hey, maybe I will get discovered!

Now, the work options are endless. At the click of your keyboard is pinterest, having zillions of pins for freelance writing and blogging ideas. Can't afford self-hosting for a blog? Get a free WordPress or Blogger blog. Also, just Google the two phrases "freelance writing" or "blogging ideas" and a wealth of work appears!

Not into sales? Still don't have transportation? Still don't have a personal laptop? Don't give up. If you are struggling with buying a laptop or Wi-Fi, get transportation to your local library and win!

This may seem a little simple to many people but there are some people who don't think they have what it takes. Do it! I am living proof!


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