Holidays For Rejevanating

Holidays For Rejevanating

Posted 2014-02-10 by angelstarfollow

Brings back happy memories of the good old days.
My dad used to take me and my two brothers camping in New Zealand. We would take a small pup tent and all stay in that for our accommodation. It was a bit squashed, but it was fun. We would keep going every year, year after year till we all grew up. We would camp near a waterfall and swim. Mum used to stay at home because that was her time away from the family.

She would look forward to her quiet time. As we all do in life. Sometimes it is necessary to close the curtains; pull the blinds; lock the doors; crank the music up, and let go.

One thing I really look forward to doing with my partner is loading up our caravan, getting ready for a small holiday. Whether it be just a few days
during the weekend or for a couple of weeks touring, we love it. It sure does give us a feeling of being free and energetically recharged for life.

When you actually take the time to shut out distractions in your life, smell the roses, and lap up the beauty life offers you is truly mesmerising.

Holidays give us the smiles we need on our faces. These trips away lift us to a higher level of consciousness, and they bring us happiness.

I am advising you to block out your stressed and busy life just for a small moment. Venture into a world of bliss, tranquillity and peace. You deserve to give yourself this adventure.

Life is short as we know it, so don’t you think you should try and learn to slow down your schedule a bit.

Take a break. Pamper yourself. Plan a holiday. Book a romantic restaurant. Buy flowers. Buy candles to have a bubble bath. There is so much you could do to change your daily routine. Be a bit spontaneous. Don’t be predictable living your life over worked and under payed.

Take a chance on something. Give it ago. Only you know what your soul is screaming out for. Don’t deprive it of good things any more.

Follow your heart. It will tell you the truth.


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