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I am currently melting - like the bad witch from The Wizard of Oz, only more dramatic. I can't yet afford a split system air conditioner (as I wasted all my money on Christmas and peanut butter from Daylesford Market). So a cheapish evaporative cooling device will have to do. Except, it's still 42 degrees outside and the machine is struggling.

At least we get cool changes in Melbourne. Those poor folk in Adelaide don't really get a break. Note to self: must find fancy cafes with stellar iced coffees. I would, if I could bear to leave the house. Plan B: Make iced coffee from instant coffee and whatever is in the freezer. Warning to self: Refrain from sticking head into mass of frozen meat. The bones have no mercy.

I would go to the library or shopping centre, but I'd have to drive with a car that has been sitting in the sun all day (with no reflective visor). One point to me. I think its best to wait it out. Except the temperature at 8pm will still be 32 degrees. Melbourne, you have failed me. I loved you. Maybe I should move to Tasmania. They have milder weather and a large selection of locally made cheeses. Sold.


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