Healthy Eating can be A Piece of Cake

Healthy Eating can be A Piece of Cake

Posted 2016-02-29 by Justine lovittfollow
An allornothing philosophy behind healthful eating may be ideal, but not realistic for many...a piece of cake may be okay But not the whole thing. Image courtesy of Rakratchada Torsap at

I have always had a greater fondness for junk food rather than healthy food, like probably the majority of us – though I am only guessing.

We're all quite aware of the many health consequences that may stem from a poor diet, as well as the weight gain that may occur!

What annoys me more is my lack of self-discipline, my clothes not fitting properly and having less energy, a logical outcome of carrying more weight around during the day.

I've always thought it rather unfair that 'junk' food inevitably seems to taste good, but that healthy food just doesn't 'cut it' always! If only it was the opposite!

But there are some ways to 'have your cake and eat it too' so to speak. Not only that, it can be just a few modifications to what you already do, a piece of cake!

1. Finding delicious food that is actually also healthy.

It's very individual for how you make your healthy food tasty, so I won't go into suggestions or recipes.
However, there is a plethora of recipe books and of course “Recipe Yum”!

2. Not buying junk food, or at least buying smaller quantities. For example, instead of a full large block of chocolate, just buy a bar. A small container of icecream may be satisfying rather than needing the full tub.

I find that if it's not in the house, it is very annoying to walk down to the shops late and get it, sometimes. Usually, I don't make it at all, which means I just have to eat the (healthier) food that's there.

3. I know I tend to eat automatically, once I’m in front of the television set. If I sit at the table and eat before watching television, then I just go straight to my comfy chair without topping up.

4. Eating regularly throughout the day, so you are not famished at night , when it is so much easier to reach for something unhealthy because it doesn’t need cooking.

5. Eat mindfully. Concentrate on the look, taste the food by letting your tastebuds really experience the food.

6. Slow down. It takes the stomach a while to register its full (satiety). Therefore, you could be still eating after it reaches the point where it’s said ‘enough!’

7. Give low fat varieties, such as ice-cream, a go.

8. Instead of regular sweets you can try boiled lollies. They simply take ages to melt in your mouth, and “Simpkins” boiled lollies are divine…

9. Chew gum – you can get yummy flavours. If you find, like me, it’s more the urge to put something in your mouth, especially while watching television, there are some great flavoured gums that last quite a while.

10. If it’s an emotional reason you’re overeating, such as due to boredom – remember that it’s a quick-fix, and that after you eat, you’ll still be dealing with the same problem.

11. Smaller portions or plates. For example one piece of cake, instead of a few; a smaller bowl to dish the ice-cream into..

Some people find healthy eating easier for many reasons. If you feel you'd like to eat healthier, but don't want to cut it out, there are many options that make a more nutritious lifestyle "A Piece of Cake"!


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