Health Myths What Should We Believe

Health Myths What Should We Believe

Posted 2014-01-18 by Rachiefollow

It is important to get a few things straight in this ever contradicting health world.

How are we expected to keep up with this overload of health information. The sun gives us cancer, that we know, but so does sunscreen! Dr Oz says onion dip is the next 'silent killer' and one day coffee is good for you the next day its bad again, one day red wine is good tomorrow bad. What can we believe and is the whole thing really worth worrying about?

Here are the latest health findings in our foods

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup

We have all heard its bad for you, I have even heard that this is the cause of the dreaded fat that people can never lose if you consume it. However supporters of HFCS have been saying that its no worse than regular sugar because they both contain the same basic components. However further studies have shown a slight difference, with higher blood pressure in people who consume HFCS. The safest thing to do here? Is avoid both of them. Sugar and HFCS are both horrible for your body! So why is it worth comparing either of them when we know we should just avoid them both entirely. I admit myself I do find sweet thing irresistible but pass me a celery stick over diabetes any day.

2. Spot Training

It is logical right? I want skinnier arms so I am going to do some push ups. According to almost every website I have come across, spot training is actually impossible. But every time I ask people how I should lose weight from my thighs, they all say the same thing, do squats, do leg lifts, etc etc. and these words come from trainers and gym specialists too. But apparently when you are trying to lose fat, spot training is useless, you are burning calories which burn fat over your entire body not just the spot you are focusing on. Doing push ups and squats will help you lose fat everywhere. However spot training does come in useful when you're looking to gain muscle and tone. Once all that fat is gone spot training can be used to target and tone all that hidden muscle.

3. Eating Breakfast

This last health myth I am going to mention is one surely to be debated for years and years to come. Do we really need to eat breakfast every morning? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives us energy to do what we need to, and the evidence suggests that leaner people eat breakfast. However many people who eat breakfast in the morning may find themselves hungrier and more likely to snack between breakfast and lunch, and also may find themselves more tired. There is this diet called Intermittent Fasting that actually promotes skipping breakfast. Interesting Right?

Overall, the important this is to listen to your body, if your hungry in the morning eat! If you feel like onion dip eat that too! But most of all remember just because one magazine said that this food or whatever is bad for you does not mean it is still bad for you in 3 months time.

Image: "Happy Thanksgiving" by Faith Goble under license cc by 2.0


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