He Said She Said My Opinion on Opinions

He Said She Said My Opinion on Opinions

Posted 2014-02-17 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

Recently I made a statement via a status update on Facebook, which drew much attention and many an opinion was made. Of course there were those who agreed, but then there were a few who completely disagreed, and before I knew it there was a full blown debate under way. Things got heated.

Myself and another were becoming extremely frustrated with two peoples comments and opinions in particular. I found them to be arrogant and extremely judgmental.

Facebook is a tough debating ground. Comments can come across far more harshly than intended or than they would have done in person. And being quite a passionate person, I ended up writing something that was quite insulting, and offended the two who I found to be arrogant. They were offended.

The next day I thought about it, and I felt bad. I don't like insulting people, and so sent both of those who I offended an inbox message apologizing for being rude. Only one of them responded, and she explained the reasoning behind her harsh comments and opinions.

What I then realised is that we have all developed our opinions through our experiences, and we all have walked very different paths. Of course we will have a different view of things from time to time.

I actually thanked this person for the lesson, and admitted that while believing that she was just being judgmental, I was in fact judging her.

Sometimes I think we need to take a step back and just accept what others are saying. It may not be true for us, but it could very well be for them. Everyone has their reasons to do, say, or believe what they do, and it's not up to anyone else to decide whether this is right or wrong.

Instead of fighting each other we should learn from one another. And instead of listening to people only in order to respond, hear what they have to say. If it doesn't make any sense to you, well, you can always ask why or how they formed this opinion. Listen and learn.


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