Happy Tears

Happy Tears

Posted 2014-01-02 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow
The magic of fireworks

As the clock struck midnight, I was standing in the middle of a hundred people surrounded by the tall towers of Mlebourne, and my boyfriend's arm around my waist.

We kissed just as the first fireworks boomed above our heads and the sky became a show of glittered lights of every colour.

It was as I was standing there, that I began to think about just how lucky I was. Despite being constantly low in funds and unemployed, I can never recall being this happy. I have so many things to be thankful for - good health, a gorgeous home, my independence, my few really great friends, my dysfunctional family, my passion, Self Avenue for giving me a place to finally start publishing my work, and, of course, my partner.

Just as I was appreciating the magic in the sky, he turned to me and said, "This year will be our year."

We aren't the kind of couple who do 'romance' in the typical sense of the word, but for us, those six words were some of the most romantic ones to ever cross his lips.

Overcome with love for him, appreciation and grattitude to everything that had gotten me to that moment, and with the fireworks exploding above my head, I felt the distinct prick behind my eyes just as my vision blurred with tears.

I had never experienced happy tears before, and cab I just say, that it was a wonderful and overwhelming experience.

Here is to the beauty of small moments and love - may 2014 bring you happy tears


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