Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Posted 2017-02-09 by Rachael Millsomfollow

Somehow to me it doesn't seem like the start of the year till school goes back. If you have kids at school and / or take a long Summer maybe, like me, you feel that January is the space in between the years. Now that school is here though, I feel that the year has begun. So happy new year.

The space between is an important time also, it is an opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and look forward to the year ahead. A time where you can reflect without feeling the need to do.

If you didn't manage to find that time you can still find it now - set aside a couple of evenings to reflect.
Take time, not just to reflect but to consider what intentions you want to set for the year ahead and also what flavour you would like the year to have.

A theme for the year

Consider setting a theme for your year.
Every year has something new to offer us, something to teach us, something for us to give of ourselves. Giving yourself a theme for the year as well as making intentions will help guide your year more towards the directions and growth that you want.

What will your theme be? Consider how you want to grow this year including any feelings you would like to experience.

Intentions for the year
Spend some time reflecting on each of these areas of your life and write down one or two things in each area that you would like to work on over the year ahead.

  • Relationships - with yourself and others
  • Mental / Education - what do you want to learn? study? read? What can you do that will be beneficial for your mind?
  • Physical - your physical self (health, wellbeing, fitness) as well as the physical spaces around you - your home, garden, local area.
  • Career / work / purpose - what can you do to make work life more enjoyable? what do you feel called to do more of?
  • Hobbies / Leisure - what adventures would you like to have, what grounding / calming activity do you love to spend time doing (e.g. creative pursuit, gardening)
  • Spiritual Practice / Service - what do you do that connects you to something bigger than you / how do you give back to the world?
  • Finances - what is your relationship to money like? How can money support you in your life / hobbies / purpose / work, to enable you to benefit the world around you.

  • Your top intentions

    Choose 3 intentions that will be your priorities for 2017. Make sure each intention is specific and next to each write why you would like to achieve it (e.g. because I will feel / it will allow me to) . Make sure these intentions link to your Theme for the year so ensure flow and connectivity in your intentions.
    Find somewhere to put these top intentions where you will see them or can review them regularly.

    Go forth into the year. May yours be blessed with growth, adventures (of any kind), love, contribution and an intention to do your best in any given moment(remembering that none of us are perfect and that that is the way it is meant to be).


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