Happy Alone

Happy Alone

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Some of us that live alone do so through unexpected circumstances and some by choice. I grew up with the assumption that I would meet my dream partner, have lots of children and live happily ever after. Reality, though, has a funny way of railroading us into a life quite unlike the one we first imagined.

The good thing about human beings is that most of us are pretty resilient and when life throws up a road-block we usually learn to adapt to our new direction pretty quickly.

I faced such a road-block when I was thirty-one. My husband died in a road accident, and I found myself alone with three little children. This was not what I had envisioned for my life – or for theirs - but I knew that I had to adapt.

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The next eighteen years of my life revolved around raising my children and making sure I gave them the best life that I could, and in order to do this I set aside my own needs and wants. The idea of meeting a new partner was the furthest thing from my mind. I was too busy learning to be independent and self-sufficient.

Fast-forward to the present. My children are now adults and have their own lives and I live very happily on my own. The idea of meeting a partner is still the furthest thing from my mind. I value my independence and enjoy my own company.

Here are some of the perks I find with living alone:

- I am responsible for my own finances. I can decide how much I want to earn and how to spend it.

- I can choose where to live and the kind of lifestyle I want. I can decorate my home to suit my personal taste.

- I can go out when I like and come home when I like without having to let anyone know. I can change my plans at the last minute without inconveniencing anyone else.

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- When I’m not working I can decide when to get up, what to do with my day and when to go to bed. Sometimes I sleep during the day and read, write, clean, bake or pursue whatever activities or I choose to do at night.

- I decide exactly what to buy, cook and eat and when. If I don’t feel like cooking, I don’t.

- I see my family and friends whenever I like. I have people that I can talk to, confide in and ask for help if I need it.

- Having to do things for myself has taught me many skills and keeps me constantly learning.

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It can sometimes be difficult to envisage yourself without a partner by your side, but trust me - you will survive. Knowing that you are strong enough to make choices and decisions for yourself will get you through and in time you will gain a sense of personal empowerment you never imagined.


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