Happily Ever After Part 2

Happily Ever After Part 2

Posted 2013-12-21 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow

The main issue when it comes to sharing a life with another person is learning to live with them. People who decide to live together after they've married and those who live together beforehand and then get married. It never matters how it's done, all that matters is that the people in the relationship are prepared for it.

There are a few ways for people who have a preference or belief not to live together before they're married;
Go on holidays together/small holidays. This will show their personal habits like bathroom or sleeping habits. How neat and tidy they are with their property or perhaps how untidy they are.
Stay a couple of nights at their place, if this isn't an option due to certain beliefs best to go on a holiday or somewhere close by.
Lastly, you'll learn to deal with conflict head on. When people live apart it's a lot easier to argue on the phone, ignore the texts or incoming phone calls. Arguing with them in your own home, you can't run away. You can't turn your phone on silent. All you can do is learn to deal with it by compromising and learning to say you're sorry if you are in the wrong.

For people who live together, some ways you could learn are;
Sleeping in the same bed. It takes a couple of days to adjust to how your partner sleeps and for both of you to adapt to each other's behaviours.
Having too much property in the house? Better to discuss with your partner what you both need or don't, that will teach you to compromise.
Different lifestyles can be tricky with learning to adapt but the best way is to evaluate their mood and day. Perhaps they need space or more comfort? Just ask if you're uncertain.
With cooking duties, it really depends on who can cook and who can't. Even if it's disliked, people in the house need to be fed. It's better to keep an open mind with what your partner eats, that way it's a bit easier to come to decisions about dinner time.

Lastly but not least, get to know your partner inside out before you make any lifetime commitment towards them. Certain optimists people believe marriage is a walk in the park, it's not. There's going to be pain, crying and suffering. What makes up for all the hard times? - they do.

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