Handle With Care

Handle With Care

Posted 2015-04-27 by Kueenb28follow

l stopped to help an elderly lady who had fallen in the main street amid strangers. A young man had helped her to her feet and looked very awkward as though he wished he was anywhere but here.

I could see he was uncomfortable, as he was on his phone and he scanned his surroundings with a look of desperation forming on his face.

I have spent the last few months contemplating my next career move. My passion is to help people, especially the elderly. So what better time to put that into practise. Now being of Pacific Island appearance and not on the dainty side, alot of people are a little intimidated when I approach and this lady should be no different.

However, that was not the case. She was scared, confused and embarrassed. Maybe my voice calmed her, as she was willing to come with me.

My car was just five steps away and she had given me a card for an appointment she was to attend today. I took her to the address and explained the situation to the receptionist,who informed me that my passanger was from three suburbs away and was 93 yrs old.

She had no family to call on and was too self reliant for her own good. I left my contact details and told the receptionist that I would be happy to escort her home. " Please call me it she needs a hand. "

I left feeling somewhat disheartened with Society.
We are so busy that we sometimes turn a blind eye to those less capable or fortunate. Caring is a part of Human Nature. Listen to that inner voice.


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