Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Posted 2014-02-04 by Rhi Rhi Tfollow

We all have them. Those little things that we crave or do that give us a little boost of enjoyment. Whether it be a nice relaxing bubble bath, or a box of chocolates, or just relaxing with a good book. We all need our guilty pleasures from time to time to just relax and unwind and take the stress out of the day. My guilty pleasures do include the examples I stated and lots more: watching TV, not doing housework when I'm meant too, and even eating ice cream for lunch once in a blue moon.

But these are just my pleasures, and I'm sure you can think of other things that you like to eat or do that makes you feel happy despite the consequences. When you take time for yourself and put off those things that have you stuck in a routine or a day to day cycle.

A teenager will skip school, a child may take an extra piece of cake, a adult may play hooky from work once in a while: either way it doesn’t matter who you are or what your guilty pleasure is as long as you are doing something that makes you happy. It will give you more of a boost and a rush of adrenaline that will lift your sprits and will encourage you to be more productive when you do in fact return to work or the house work or what ever it was that you originally put off to begin with.

We cant keep working ourselves to the ground and expect to keep up with the pace of a busy work life, home life, and any other directions in which we may be pulled. We need to take the time and pamper ourselves otherwise we will burn out. Self indulgence is a necessary part of a working week.


Take a little time out of every week to relax and recharge. In doing so you will feel more empowered and reenergised for the next up coming week.

Relaxing releases endorphins which makes us happy, and when were happy we are more proactive in our actions and feel positive about what were are doing or going to do.

Be warned though self indulgence it a tricky spiral which can go either way: you can get a high which inspires creativity and positive thinking but if you indulge too much then you can become trapped within your own desires and may become lazy and unable to pull yourself out of the papering.

But the most important thing is that, no matter what your guilty pleasure is or what you do in order to relax and release the stress of the day; Enjoy it. Embrace it.


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