Growth Begins At The End Of Our Comfort Zone

Growth Begins At The End Of Our Comfort Zone

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Many years ago, I was over weight and decided to do something about it by getting a personal trainer in Martial Arts. After a few months of intense training and successfully losing weight, one particular day in the middle of a session I felt overwhelmed physically and emotionally. Running outside, I began to cry and informed my trainer that I didn't feel I could go any further. He simply said to me, when you are ready come back in. In that moment, I made a decision to finish my session even whilst feeling incredibly weighed down with pain. I did not want to give up on my goal and I knew that if I could push past this, I would have gone beyond what I had ever done before.

Due to committing even at my weakest, I ended up losing 35kilos months down the road and gained a new lease on life not just physically but mentally.

When we desire to grow and change, the challenge is not just in the decision but the ability to push on even when the going gets tough. To be face to face with pain, in a moment of fear that tells us 'we can't' is the very point where we can either surrender or fight on. By continuing on in the discomfort of our pain it will lead us to exceeding our limitations and the previous beliefs that held us back.

Some would say it’s easier said then done, as yes sometimes we can feel drained, emotional and believe that it is impossible. The key is to focus not on defeat but on what it is we desire, reminding ourselves that pain is only temporary but the growth gained is everlasting. In times of struggle and lack of will power, by not giving up, we find within ourselves abilities we never knew existed. We realise that it is only ourselves that stands in the way of becoming all that we are we meant to be.

There is a saying "Weakness is pain leaving the body"; What a great way to remind ourselves in our time of weakness (or wanting to give up), that it is a part of the process of letting go of the comfort zone and moving towards our growth.

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