Growing Your Own Happiness

Growing Your Own Happiness

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By Chelsy Ranard

Plants are such an important part of the world around us. For hundreds of years we have utilized plants and their ability to heal us, feed us, and protect us. We still rely heavily on plants and their powers to aid us in so many areas of life. Gardening and supplying yourself with these plants is a great hobby to help alleviate stress levels and focus your mind. Vegetables, fruits, and herbs all offer health benefits that you and your family can take advantage of. They even aid in the Feng shui of your home to create a peaceful environment for your family. By adding more plants to your life, you are adding more happiness to your life.

The History of Plants

Agriculture is a major part of civilization. Much of human nutrition depends on plants both by our consumption and by the consumption of our livestock.Without grains, fruits, and vegetables we wouldn’t have the necessary vitamins, minerals, or fibers that we need. Many herbs are meant to be flavor foods,but they can also offer many healing properties and have been used as such for hundreds of years. They are used for medicinal purposes, added to tea, or used in oils to aid small ailments.

With the growing popularity of natural products and remedies, many people are starting their own gardens, growing their own herbs, and even raising their own bees. Bee farming is becoming more important as our honeybee population diminishes. This will directly affect our agriculture and the plants that need bees for pollination . Growing interest in this is a great development and has been what civilizations have done for many years before us in order to ensure their own health and well-being. Historically, families had to grow their own crops and have a garden to tend to or they wouldn’t be able to sustain a healthy family. This notion isn’t necessary anymore with many fruits and vegetables, even those not in season, are available at any grocery store. However, there are only positives with adding plants and gardening to your everyday life.


Bringing plants into your life is a great way to de-stress your life. Gardening itself has proven to help reduce stress. Picking up gardening as a hobby increases time in sunlight which increases serotonin in the brain which helps us feel good. It gets you outside and in the fresh air, provides an active hobby that isn’t too hard on the body, and something to focus on. Watching your plants grow and thrive from your hard work does wondrous things for our mind and allows us to feel accomplished.

If you decide to grow your plants indoors, or practice winter gardening, many of these de-stressing perks still apply. Allow the time you have with your plants to be a calm and relaxing part of your day. Focus on trimming, drainage, and watering without the distractions of everyday life. Herbs are great
options for indoor planting and have many uses for your kitchen. Use your herbs to make a flavored tea , relax, and read a book. Seeing your plants grow and having time for yourself is a great way to use plants to de-stress.

Health Benefits

There are some great health benefits for your mind in regards to gardening. It helps you to de-stress, gives you a healthy hobby, and something to be proud of creating. Also, what you garden has a lot to do with the health benefits that you’ll get from it. Growing veggies like kale, broccoli, spinach, and asparagus are high in calcium, magnesium, and B Vitamins. Growing herbs like passionflower, lemon balm, or St. John’s Wort all help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Gardening is also great as an activity .Gardening involves carrying soil, repotting plants, bending down, pulling weeds, meticulous tending, and digging up dirt. As far as physical exercise goes gardening isn’t super strenuous on your joints like running, but there is a fair amount of physical strength needed to keep your plants healthy.Indoor gardening is far less physical, but it’s not completely without activity either. All of these movements associated with gardening will help you to stay healthy and happier overall.

Peaceful Environment

Gardening doesn’t have to be all fruits, veggies, and herbs. Planting flowers and other aesthetic plants is also great for the road to growing happiness. There is a lot to be said for your environment and how much that environment affects your happiness. Plant some carnations, roses, or hydrangea to aid in
the aesthetics of your backyard. Just be sure to do your research if you have any household pets. Some common plants are toxic for your animal and should be avoided.
Lilies, for instance, are common plants that are toxic to your dog or cat.

It’s no surprise that many offices, waiting rooms, shopping centers, and meeting places have some plant life placed throughout. Plants are great at making an area feel more comfortable, open, and inviting. Planting some flowers for your home is a great way to create a peaceful and pleasant environment in your home. Some flowers aren’t just for show either; lavender, for instance, is commonly used to induce relaxation.

For those that are seeking a way to grow your own happiness, it’s as easy as buying some seeds and helping them grow. Living a life with plants will help you to be less stressed, healthier, and have more peaceful surroundings. With the added benefits of growing your own food, seeing your hard work result in little green sprouts, or just watering some beautiful flowers in your home, your happiness will grow as bright as your flowers will.


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