Grateful For Small Things

Grateful For Small Things

Posted 2014-01-27 by angelstarfollow

Today I am going to discuss that magical word “Gratefullness “. Do you realise that every day of your life you need to grateful for big and small things. If you are not grateful for anything you have in your life then you are probably not living a happy life as much as you could be.

It is so easy to have the power and decide now and how to do it. Be determined and patience is important to, do not rush to get answers it take's time.

The other day I was in the bathroom just thinking about how grateful I was for everything and everyone in my life.

I had never really realised how grateful I was until recently my mother had two strokes and one
bleed on the brain, she survived and yes she is lucky she can walk and talk. Not only that but at the same time shortly after that my father had blockages in his heart, we thought he may have to have quadruple heart bypass, but lucky it turned out stents in the heart.

I am very close to my mother and father so this has been an awful time for me and especially an emotional roller coaster ride for them to endure. So in the bathroom the other day I instantly received a wave of warmth and happiness that completely overwhelmed me.

Every day now I am so grateful for the blessing that my two best friends (mum and dad) are alive and ok.

It is a shame that sometimes we have to reach an unhappy or bad stage in our lives to really realise the magic of gratefullness , although lessons learnt teach us to be grateful. Don’t know about you but I live each day now knowing how blessed me, my family and friends are.

Tomorrow morning you should start a gratitude journal, they work, visualisation is the key.

It is the best thing to do to heal any pain and sorrow in your life. Write down every day how grateful you are and what for. Then imagine and visualise if that was not in your life, how different and worse off would your life be?.

This is a good life changing question to ask yourself.

I will leave you to ponder your thoughts on that one, enjoy your life now, treasure every moment.


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