Good Old Murphys Law

Good Old Murphys Law

Posted 2013-11-28 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image The Secret Facebook page. Just be happy regardless. Trust the process with lifes ups and downs.

In being quite succinct, when things go wrong they will go wrong. Please do not take this as a pinch of salt. At Self Avenue we are all about pushing the well of positivity and positive thinking in everyone's favour. This is still the case. Please stay with us on this. Now, on the flip side - we do live in a dualistic world. That's life. We can't be up and happy all the time. There are times when things go wrong. Yes, when problems do arise. Murphy's Law is part of the change and acceptance process.

Yes Murphy, you're a great 'kick in the pants' when it comes to discipline and growing - yet you're also a 'pain in the arse' sometimes.

What can we do with Murphy? All we can do is accept what can and does happen as a part of life, no matter how small or large the magnitude of the quality problems or otherwise reign on our parade all at once. Yes it never rains in such situations. It pours.

Murphy, why is "that time of the month" four days early? And especially when supplies of my toilet paper are running low - yet now at zero because I had to use so much, and I have about five bunches of flowers scattered around my home in five different vases, of which are well and truly ready to go in the bin. I mean, Murphy - couldn't my cycle have waited until December? Why today? You know I have had two 15-hour working days as editor and creative director already this week. Not to mention running another chocolate walking tour last night, as at the time of writing this. My tummy is naturally in pain, and as a result I was sleeping on my sofa (of which is 20 times more comfortable at 'that time of the month' than my supposedly 'comfortable' bed) instead.

Alas, Murphy I have a fair few articles to knock over before December (the silly season continues, you're at it again Murphy) in a tight time frame, and I won't make this deadline. Cry. Surrender. All you can do. Just go with the flow.

Furthermore, a retailer where I need to buy a new watch from (yes, thank you Murphy - my watch has also stopped working) has a special sale on for today only despite being pre-Christmas right now (as at the time of writing this) - where they are giving away a $25 gift voucher for every $250 spent. Yes and perfecto, the price of the gold watch I have in mind. I must buy this before my boyfriend wants to have lunch with me for three hours, and I don't want to take my brand new watch on you know where...

Then again, this "time of the month" is ultra inconvenient right now for even more reasons. Why? I have been invited to go sailing for four hours on Sydney Harbour in wet weather. Shit sherlock. That with wearing a pad at "that time of the month" is not good. Yet I don't want to pass up an awesome $200 per head Sydney Harbour experience that only comes around once in a blue moon...and especially where someone else is abundantly providing this experience for me, together with food and a bunch of booze afterwards.

Then again, the dress I told all guests attending my next chocolate walking tour tomorrow (10 people) is not ironed, and needs a desperate iron before tomorrow morning. Le sigh Murphy...

It will be nice for this period pain to go away also.

All of the above sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Travellers, isn't it interesting to observe that in the week (at least) leading up to your all important domestic or international flight - that a deluge of tasks reign on your parade, of which must be done before hopping on that plane. All you want is more time to pack for your exciting trip. Yet you're disappointed as that extra time does not come into fruition, yet you get everything done. You are just satisfied with your packing efforts. Joy.

In a nutshell, Murphy's Law is ancient and is here to stay. Then again Mercury Retrograde is heaps worse. Take these tips on board, and you will survive such mammoth "Life is a roller coaster, just got to ride it" kind of circumstances:

  • Breathe
  • Stay Calm
  • Meditate
  • Go with the flow
  • Surrender
  • Stay positive
  • Stay organised/on schedule
  • Your attitude is everything
  • Keep your diary with you at all times
  • Discipline

  • On this, and just for a bit of fun, I'll leave you with a YouTube video clip of a song by Ronan Keating - on what Murphy's Law is all about. A perfect example in a major life area. Yes, the importance of not resisting change and going with the flow:


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