Good Health Why It Must Be Your Most Important Resolution

Good Health Why It Must Be Your Most Important Resolution

Posted 2014-01-08 by Justine lovittfollow
Image Eating right is only part of the equation.

Out of all the New Years Resolutions one could make, I believe that Health must be a priority. Not regular blood pressure checks, exercising more or eating more nutritious food - although these are of course extremely important. We also need to accept our need for emotional, spiritual and mental nurture.
These attributes are just as important as seeing your doctor regularly, and depending upon people seeing themselves as worthwhile. This is also about recognising the importance of emotional health. These include self-nurturing, and a set of boundaries where you can feel comfortable saying “no.” It includes a knowledge of your limitations; regular relaxation; personal space and time to be with oneself.

With physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; attainment of all other goals in arenas of personal, financial and work life will follow. Good health, in all of these facets lays the foundation for effectiveness, clarity, energy and stress management. Without a recognition of the necessity for good health; all of our other goals cannot reach full fruition. Or they might even crash and burn.

We may justify our lack of self-nurturing behaviour by seeing it as some time you just don’t have or even self-indulgence.
I recall a lady telling me about her brother-in-law who just did not have the time to see a doctor because work needed him. He is now in the terminal stages of cancer, and work is the furthest thing from his mind. I once dared to be self-indulgent and treated myself to a massage. For the last week I had suffered severe insomnia, and this started to impact on my studies. For the first night in ages I slept wonderfully, and the next morning my headaches, fogginess and irritability disappeared.

Image Take some time out to unwind too

This does not work the other way around. With goals such as getting through a university subject with high marks if health is just an optional extra. I learnt this the hard way. I was doing a social psychology subject which I really loved. However, I didn’t get up from my study to eat properly, exercise and would often stay up all night working on my assignments. I ended up extremely sick, and had to pull out of the subject. Not only didn’t I have my health, I didn’t achieve what I thought should have been a primary goal either.

The same is true for our personal lives. If we neglect ourselves in a relationship; fail to be assertive and don’t take time out for us, it is much more likely we will feel stretched thin, and things are more likely to just snap.

Therefore, if your health is down on your list of priorities, just see it as something you need for the rest of your resolutions may never come to fruition.


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