Gods Gift for You this Easter

Gods Gift for You this Easter

Posted 2014-04-05 by Artfollow
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Easter is a time of joy and happiness. A time for celebration of Christ's awakening. A time to let go of the past and move on to a future filled with hope and faith. While there are many gifts one can give during this happy time, there is a gift of love and hope you could give/receive starting with yourself.

I am totally against the saying that goes " All good things come to an end". In my opinion , it only passes a negative vibration. Instead why not say " All bad things will come to an end" ??. At the least, it plants the feeling of anticipation and joy that life offers change and that this change can be good.

All of us know Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. In addition, it always teaches two significant learnings that we can gift ourselves with or should I say God gifted us with.

1.All bad things come to an end
On Good Friday, Christ had to go through so much of pain and torture for all of us that ended finally . It can be frustrating and de-motivating to take on living when bad things happen to us. And the best you could do in problematic situations when you have no idea how to solve is to take one day at a time. It's even more worrying that you cannot get answers for certain issues immediately. It only takes time and most importantly patience. But most often, having this patience itself becomes an issue. This Easter, let's give ourselves the gift of patience and accept that bad things always come to an end. So hold on ,whatever bad that is happening in your life today will definitely change and surely end.

2.Bad things happening just precede good beginnings.
The heartbreaking incident of Christ's death on Good Friday left all believers in sorrow .While some questioned, others believed firmly what He said. While these people took in the pain and mourned His loss, they also had faith that Christ would come back and create a new beginning. They firmly believed His word and also that the bad ending was just a precedence to a great beginning.

On this note, let's remember to present ourselves with a gift of a strong belief system. Though difficult, you just have to believe and have faith that happiness will be resurrected and life will get beautiful again. And that not all bad things that happen are for the bad. They just pave way for a good and happy beginning and we just have to wait for the right time for certain things to fall into place.

Like you and me, every bad situation has an age and faces its own natural death.

So smile and let this Easter turn page to a new happy chapter in your life.


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