Go Big Or Go Home

Go Big Or Go Home

Posted 2014-01-06 by Madeleinefollow

"Go big or Go Home."

I am certain that everyone has come across this saying dozens of times in their lives. We hear it often, but who here has ever stopped to think about the authenticity and relevance of such a slogan today? I mean, look at modern society; everything we own is becoming smaller. We have the iPad Mini; the Mini car; the Mini this; the Mini that. Hell, soon they will be shoving microchips down our throats as phones. Everything appears to be shrinking, and therefore does such a saying still prevail?

It all depends on how you think of it. You can think of this saying from a materialistic point of view, and go out and buy a mansion and a super-size shake, or you can apply it to a greater philosophy. Growing up, I have always been told by my mother to never half-ask a job. Of course she was referring to chores, but the principle still applies. If you are going to do something, you are expected to give it your all, otherwise what’s the point in even doing it at all? If you volunteer to help someone, you will put your everything into making sure that you have made their load as easy as humanly possible. You are either going to go big or simply go home.

Writing this, I sound rather hypocritical as I must admit, I don’t always give things me all; and that alone has caused a few bumps in the road. I know for a fact that I am not the only one who may go into a situation with one foot in and one foot out of the door. This is understandable, like in my previous article, this relates to the fear of the unknown. No one wants to put their all into something, only to be shot down and left ridiculed, hurt or malcontent. But this is just a risk you're going to have to take - for if you do not give it your all, you're likely to be left riddled with regret. Who knows when another opportunity will come again. I personally believe that regret is a far worse outcome than embarrassment or disappointment, because at least when you've given something your all, you were able to see what lied ahead, and you at least acquired more knowledge about that particular thing; whereas not fully exploring the unknown leaves you with regret and lack of knowledge.

I am currently writing a novel, and after all of my past attempts of not giving my all into my work; I have been left with nothing but wasted paper, so I use these words as a source of my own inspiration as I don’t want to be a hypocrite and go about life half-hearted after telling others to give life everything that they have got. I’m ready to go big in all of my endeavours no matter what fear holds me back. Are you willing to take that same risk and experience all of life’s fruits? Who knows, maybe tomorrow you won’t wake up. And if so, are you going to be satisfied with the life that you have led?


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