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Some people like to live on their own but others enjoy having at least one other person around for company, to help pay the rent and utilities, share the cooking and so there is someone to go out with. A person may have decided to share a flat or house with others so they can afford to live in a more expensive neighbourhood or get a place with better facilities. Sometimes an introvert who would rather live alone ends up looking for a flatmate because they can't afford to live on their own.

How do you find a flatmate?
If you have a friend who wants to share with you, that is great. Hopefully your friend is reliable, considerate and can manage their money. Someone you love to party with may not necessarily make a good flat mate but if they have a sensible side to their nature as well, it could work out.

You could ask around to see if someone you know is aware of a person looking to share accommodation. People advertise in newspapers and community notice boards as well as online. You could check out Gumtree. It goes without saying one needs to be cautious when agreeing to share accommodation and references need to be checked carefully.

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What qualities do you look for in a flat mate?
Just as each person is different, the characteristics one person will be looking for will differ from those another person feels are essential. However it is likely everyone wants someone who will -
  • Pay their share of the rent and utilities on time
  • Cook when it's their turn (unless you have agreed to cook for yourself and not share the cooking)
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Not take anything belonging to the other person, no 'borrowing' without permission
  • Do their share of housework and help with grocery shopping

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    What characteristics should you avoid in a flat mate?
    You need to be aware of what drives you nuts when working out your list of non-negotiables.

    What you may find really annoying -
  • An untidy person
  • The neat freak who fusses if you don't put everything away every time
  • A person who borrows your stuff without asking
  • The person who frequently asks to borrow money
  • Someone who takes forever in the shower
  • The one with the loud noisy friends
  • A person who plays their music, video games etc without headphones.
  • The morning person when you are a night owl
  • The hoarder
  • The declutterer who wants you to declutter your possessions
  • Someone who doesn't pay their share of the rent.

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    There are advantages and disadvantages to sharing accommodation. It is great when the positive aspects outweigh the negative.

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