Gay Pride Prejudice

Gay Pride Prejudice

Posted 2015-06-27 by Lu Lu Bellefollow

The news broke last night in Australia that the USA have declared equal marriage rights in all states. Today people painted their Facebook profiles with colours of the rainbow in celebration. Meanwhile our Prime Minister could only say that what happens in the US is their business and nothing has changed here in Aus.

I believe things will change. Just as voting rights changed for women and later Aboriginals. It's absurd to deny human beings certain legal rights simply for being who they are.

Equality is a funny word, because essentially it means 'the state of being equal', yet we are all individuals and by no means equal in the sense that we are the same. We each have different circumstances, life experience, looks, intellect, coloured skin, physical and mental capabilities, sexual preferences, gender identity, cultural beliefs, positions in society, religious leanings, wealth, health and even humour. We are different. What we do have in common though is that we are human beings with exactly the same basic needs as the next person.

Should it not be that we share the same rights as human beings. If we based our legal rights upon all of the things that separate us from being equal or the same then the world would be a very cruel place indeed (far more unfair than it is already). Isn't it our duty to further proceed toward equal rights across the board as a matter of progress for humanity.

There was a time when women weren't allowed to vote. There was a time where people of darker skin were not allowed to vote. When we all look back on this now we can see how ridiculous it is. There was a time when it was illegal to be homosexual. But people stood up against this regardless of what the government wanted or had prescribed.

I don't understand why two tax paying, law abiding, loving, caring, contributing citizens of Australia would not be allowed to become legally binded to one another simply because they are of the same biological gender. The question here is why, yet we do not have an answer. Today would have been a good time to offer a better explanation.

Heterosexual couples in Australia don't even need to get married in order to obtain certain legal rights. They simply need to live with one another. It's not fair. The balance of equality in this country is coming from a bias point of view, rather than a collective one. This needs to change.

Regardless of our own agenda or gender we need to remember that we are each human beings deserving of every kindness and consideration that would be bestowed upon another.


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