Foot in Mouth

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Father in law: chatty man, quick with wit, great to be around. Enjoyed banter, debate and discussion on just about everything. Made great effort to include everyone in talk.

You're quiet.
Haven't anything to say on it. Enjoying listening to you lot. Not lazy. Not rude. Don't know anything about the subject.

You have no opinion?
Not yet. Only getting one side.

You're among friends, you can say it.
And be known for airhead, tinpot comments that you lot can laugh over.

You're a thinker.
So are you.

Make me a coffee.

I've been in that place where my foot finds its way to my mouth. That place where I thought I was invincible and knew everything.

Tut-Tut, everyone else - I have the answers.

Truth is - in that good space - you only have the answers for yourself, for your situation at that given place in time. You've found something that works for you.

This can be good for relating later, someone else might learn from it, you might be able to help someone.

Be sure the other person is ready to hear what you have to say. Sometimes its easy to get caught up with your own thing that you don't realise they're not ready for it. Being over zealous can put people off and distance you from them (that full-on person who's just too much!) Use your judgement to fathom whether this is the right time.

Restraint in my case has been a learned thing. I wasn't very good at it when younger.

Remedies for Embarrassment

Think well enough of yourself not to go and hide. Use one of the following or a mix of them:

  • Accountability: Admit defeat. Was wrong,
  • Explain: Didn't have the facts..didn't realise...
  • Apology: So sorry.
  • Restraint: I think I'll find out a bit more before I say something.
  • Unintentional: Genuine mistake.

  • You may be forgiven or looked at with disdain. In most cases time heals disdain. All good - that's the cost /price of the lesson.

  • Forgive yourself.
  • Humour: Have a giggle over it
  • Action: Make a nice gesture or give a small gift.
  • Leave it alone: You've done what you can. It's over.

  • The bigger the embarrassment, he bigger the lesson.

    In the end, its only another life lesson. You'll learn from it this time or you won't. Some people are good at forgiving themselves. This lets them carry on in a good space. This is where we want to be.

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