Foods to Avoid before going to the Beach

Foods to Avoid before going to the Beach

Posted 2013-12-21 by amilafollow
It's that time of the year and you are probably getting ready to hit the beach. It is important that you look your best in your bikini so if you are worried about bloating before you strut your stuff, here are some foods to avoid.

Hit the beach looking your best .

1.Soft drinks: Soft drinks can cause belly bulge and gas retention however if you feel you can't get enough of those bubbles, sparkling water can be a good substitute however make sure not to over-indulge.

2.Salt:Food with a high salt content can make you retain water giving you a puffy appearance even after you have spent weeks training for the perfect beach body so opt for foods with a low sodium content.

3.Cruciferous vegetables: These are veggies like kale, broccoli and cabbage which are great for long term weight loss however not the ideal snack before the beach as they contain a complex sugar which can cause bloating.

4.Gum: They might be perfect to freshen your breath however chewing gum can cause your belly to swell before you are swallowing large amounts of air.

5.Sugary drinks:These are drinks like pina coladas which might be the perfect companion during a day out at the beach however all the extra sugar will result in bloating.

6.Dairy Products:If you are lactose intolerant it is better to stay away from consuming dairy products just before hitting the beach.


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