Five Reasons Why its OK to Make Mistakes

Five Reasons Why its OK to Make Mistakes

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Let’s face it; we all make mistakes. Whether it’s a spelling error, a forgotten birthday or a major commitment that we regret, there is not one person among us who can say that we've never used poor judgement or oversight at some time in our lives. But here’s a list that might make us feel a little bit better about our failings:

Five good things that can happen as a result of making mistakes.

1. Making a mistake can help us to be more aware of our actions. It is easy to become complacent about things we do and decisions we make, especially if they are done on a daily basis. Our actions become so automatic that we do them without thinking. Mistakes can help to renew our focus and improve our concentration.

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2. Mistakes can give us a deeper understanding of the task or the undertaking that we are entering into. Sometimes it’s not until we see the reality of a situation that we fully understand it. That’s why it pays to read the fine print on a contract or to research a product before buying it.

3. When we make mistakes it shows others that we’re fallible. If we were always right or if everything we did was perfect we’d be such bores! Mistakes make us more human and make others feel better about their own shortcomings.

4. Mistakes can lead to new discoveries. There are many famous inventions that happened purely by mistake, like microwave ovens, pacemakers, cornflakes and post-its.

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5. Making mistakes can be a signal that something is out of whack. Perhaps we are tired or overworked. Maybe we are unwell or suffering stress. If we suddenly find ourselves messing up simple tasks, losing concentration or forgetting things it might be time to take stock of our health. If this becomes a real problem, we might need to get a check-up.

So don’t stress about those bloopers and blunders that are a part of everyone’s life. The worst that can happen is that you might find yourself the star of a YouTube clip!


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