Finding Meaning in Your Life Start Making Small Changes

Finding Meaning in Your Life Start Making Small Changes

Posted 2014-06-18 by Shen Deefollow
Reflect on what do you want in your life and why. Image courtesy of khunaspix

Are you missing something in your life and you don’t know what you want? Are you lost and unsure what path you should pursue?

It took a while for me to realise that in order to be happy and live life meaningfully, you really need to know what makes you happy and why.

I believe that everyone at a different stage in their life will reach a crossroad, questioning themselves as to whether or not they are living the life they want, or what they should be doing to improve their current life?

Why does that happen? From my own experience, it happens because whatever you are currently doing no longer serves any meaning to you, which is why you are looking for a change.

To give meaning to your life, you first need to ask yourself, what makes you happy and why? Note that your answers might change over time, so whenever you're feeling stuck or lost in your life; ask yourself these two questions to get back on track.

These questions may sound simple, but I am aware that a lot of us have difficulty in answering them, simply because we think too much. If you were to recall when you were a kid, whenever our parents asked us what we want; in a split second, we can immediately tell them what we want. But as we grow older, we tend to think too much, of which a simple question now becomes complicated. So keep it simple.

The two powerful questions below will help you to figure out what paths to take in your life.

1) Find a quiet place, and with a piece of paper on hand, write down, “What makes you happy?”. What are the things that you do that make you feel pumped up and positive? It can also be the little actions you take that make you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

2) The second question is, “Why it makes you happy?”. The answer will be connected to the values that you hold deeply in your heart which forms your personality. These “Why” answers will keep you motivated, and they will help you stay focused when you are feeling low.

By reflecting on the questions above, it will help you discover the underlying motivation for doing the things you are doing.

Now that you have the list, make time for it and fit the “what” answers into your current lifestyle. If you can’t find time to fit them into your current lifestyle, then choose to give up on activities that do not align to your ultimate goal which is happiness. You will be surprised at how making small changes can make all the difference in your life.

Feeling happy is a choice and can be achieved everyday, so strive to make everyday a happy experience.


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