Film Review Her

Film Review Her

Posted 2014-01-31 by Millie Claytonfollow

For those who aren't familiar, 'Her' follows the story of a lonely man (Theodore) who purchases, and pursues a relationship with a simulated consciousness. The consciousness is just like any other in the sense that it is constantly evolving, learning and possesses its own feelings.

The consciousness names herself Samantha after trawling through several thousand baby name books in .02 of a second. She says that she chose Samantha because she likes the sound of the name as she says it. Whilst we originally feel sorry for this character in her absence of a physical form, this begins to change dramatically as the film progresses.

Everyone in the film is quite supportive of the fact that Theodore is dating a computerised consciousness. This was surprising for me, the viewer, as this seemed quite evolved to what you would believe a human reaction to be.

It got me thinking about our relationships to our bodies. Originally, viewers feel pity for Samantha as she lacks the basic physical form to explore herself and her relationship. She fantasises about having an itch on her back; such a triviality but such an interesting concept to fantasise being without.

Whilst we originally feel sorry for Samantha, this manifests into awe as the film evolves. Samantha's growing rate is phenomenal. Not only can she speak to 8,000 people at once, but her emotions grow more and more complex as her figurative heart continues to expand. This deems Theodore to be limited as he struggles to keep up with her.

This film leaves the viewer in question of our limitations. We are constrained by our bodies and time. This film is entirely worth seeing as it makes you question your bodily awareness in the world, and how your body forges a relationship with your mentality and ideas of self.


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