Few Tips For a Safe Easter

Few Tips For a Safe Easter

Posted 2014-04-11 by Mannyfollow

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While Easter is a great occasion to spend time with family and friends and rejoice the resurrection of God, Lord Jesus. It also bestows the responsibility to make it a safe occasion for the people who like to celebrate such events, especially children and elders in the family.

Children are delicate, even though the crawlers, walkers and pre-teens consider themselves The Hulk. And elders, they're susceptible to others' assumptions about their ability to take care of themselves when scenarios unfold. Hence it's our responsibility to ensure everyone has a good (and safe) time this Easter!

Here is my two cents (20 rather..) on safety and security, around Easter celebrations:
  • Candy / Toys: Ensure that candies are not handled by toddlers or children who haven't learned to eat solids yet. Also, ensure that the toys do not have parts small enough to present choking hazards.

  • Children like to decorate real eggs - but be cautious as eggs are bound to spoilt if not stored in fridge. Also, boiled eggs may rot if left outside the fridge over extended durations. So, if you are organist egg hunt ensure the eggs are not cracked and take particular care that no kids try to consume the hard-boiled and decorated eggs

  • Enforce CLEANLINESS, however annoying it is for everyone participating in prep activities and in the egg hunt. Adequate washing hands before and after boiling or decorating or vessels used, could prevent allergic reactions or infections.

  • ALLERGIES - Get info from parents or care takers on what the participants are allergic to. Prepare a detailed list of ingredients used to prepare items that they come in to contact with or get to consume, especially nuts, food colors and/or many common ingredients. Prevention is always better than cure. Learn basic allergy related treatments and store a few quantities of popular drugs. Allergic reactions occur too quick most times and the time that you take action may be the only savior.

  • EGG-HUNTS - Set certain limits for the egg hunt, whether its held indoor or outdoor. If indoor, mark a few rooms as dedicated to avoid kids running around in areas not monitored by you or your guests. If outdoors, post a few trusted family members in key areas to avoid kids running on to the street or on to neighbors' manicured lawns!
  • Note: Another good idea is to separate kids per age group, so little ones aren't knocked over by older ones while scrambling for eggs!

  • SUNSCREEN - If you're planning to spend Easter outdoors, use sunscreen to protect elderly and kids against sun. Get to know the expected weather and prepare well for inclement weather too, especially if you are in zones which enjoy (or suffer) 4 seasons in a day!


  • If spending Easter weekend at home away from home, take help from a friend / neighbor to collect newspapers/mail or take out your rubbish bins while you're away. Pretense may just do the job!

  • Most people have set spaces like under the mat or the 1st potted plant or on the right front wheel - to place spare keys. Just during the holidays it pays to leave spare keys with trust-worthy friends to avoid them landing with the unwanted persons.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKING - Don't announce your holiday plans to every Tom, Dick & Hairy Bunny on social networks before you leave! You can always brag about the good time you had after you return!

  • HOME ALARMS - Just the presence of a device like a security camera can prevent unwanted attention and attendance to your home. Install infra-red sensor based surveillance systems or if you already have alarms get monitoring facility. Technology helps you access your home security cameras via phones, tablets or computers! Use the technology and be safe.

  • TIMER-BASED LIGHTS - Also it's a great idea to setup timer-based lights radio/stereo just to create an impression of people presence at home.

  • Over and above all these items, have one or 2 responsible adults constantly supervise everyone in the gatherings or public places you may visit as a family. This and the above safety security tips above ought to let you have fun in peace, this Easter!

    Please share other tips you have so all readers can benefit! Hope you all have a good time this Easter!


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