Feel Exhausted Exercise

Feel Exhausted Exercise

Posted 2014-03-19 by May Hydefollow

It seems impossible to get moving when you are feeling flat, tired, exhausted.

Yesterday I woke up and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. The night before I stayed up too late, watching a sci-fi movie on TV, reading, and then I made the mistake of checking Facebook before going to sleep. (Hint, stay away from screens as you are nearing bedtime).

So, the morning greeted me with exhaustion, 2 coffee later and there was no difference. I thought, it was going to be one of those days... the ones where hours of moping and a big afternoon nap filled in the hours.

But my partner said, go for a walk. I said, are you kidding, I can't even move from this couch over to that couch. The response: go for a walk.

So I rolled myself out of the couch, grumbled my way to the door, put on some shoes (I was already dressed), called my dog, and took my dog for a walk.

I set an easy goal. I will walk 10 minutes in one direction, and then go home. Easy enough, although when I turned around after 10 minutes I realised I had been walking downhill and so uphill I went, I picked up the pace to get it over with faster, and it wasn't until I was walking up our driveway, catching my breath a bit, that I realised.

I did not feel tired anymore.

The rest of the day turned out perfect.

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