Faith In The Intangible

Faith In The Intangible

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Faith in the Intangible

Black is described as the absence of colour, and that which we are fearful of; the absence of that of which we do not know. The unknown. It is of natural instinct for us to fear the unknown.

There is a reason why as children we were scared of the dark. It was because we didn’t have a clue what lurked in those shadows. Even as adults we cannot shake that unfathomable fear.

Instead of being scared of the monsters in our closet, we are fearful of the monster within ourselves; fearful of losing control for in the darkness we have no control. We cannot predict what is going to happen the moment we venture into the abyss, but that fear mustn’t apprehend our curiosity for that very curiosity can lead you to find the most valuable thing in your life; may that be love, insight or even courage.

I have never been one to believe in blind faith. I could never believe in something that I myself cannot see, hear or feel. I never believed in love, and I have had every reason not to. But I feel that to truly believe something you must experience it for yourself.

But I believe in it now and it is this belief that will keep my fire burning; keep my heart beating and my feet moving down the track that I am still paving for myself. I refuse to be taken down a premeditated path on a leash lead by a book or dictator.

I am only guided by what I feel; what I believe and what I aspire to be. It is this new-found belief in something many feel cannot exist that helps me to see clearly. It lights my way through miles of darkness.

It is a light that I truly believe will never burn out or fade away. It is hope. It is the foundation of my future. With this light I will never have to fear the dark. And neither should you, so take the courage to venture into the deep world of the unknown.

You will find many new things, and even yourself. Find the right match to light your path, even if that means searching through an entire box of matches to find the right one. The best thing about shadows is that they need light to exist, and therefore light can be found even in the darkest of shadows.


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