Expressions of Love

Expressions of Love

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Loving someone is a wonderful thing, and knowing that you are loved back is comforting and reassuring. When we first fall in love it can feel like that person consumes our world. We think about them constantly, say loving things to them and do nice things for them to show them that we care.

As time passes, it can be too easy to take a loving relationship for granted. We still care, but being caught up in the daily grind of life, we tend to show it less.

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Conversations become less about our love for each other and our future plans, and more about bills, kids and the roof that needs painting. While it’s inevitable that this will happen over time, it’s still important to reinforce our love for each other, and to remind ourselves why we are together.

Healthy relationships should not only survive, but thrive, given enough TLC. There are many small ways that we can express our love for each other. Here are a few:

- Compliments. Even the smallest compliment can give a confidence boost. Tell your partner they smell nice or the colour they’re wearing suits them. Tell them you liked the way they handled a particular situation.

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- Support them through difficult times. Even if you disagree with them, try to see their side of an argument and agree to disagree. Remember that no two people think alike or like the same things.

- Don’t wait for a special occasion to do something nice for them. Surprise them with a small gift, a special meal or an outing for no reason other than to let them know you appreciate them.

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- Arrange to have the children looked after for an evening or weekend – not just to go out somewhere, but to spend some time alone re-connecting with each other. I have known of couples that separated soon after their children left home, because they had focussed all their attention on the children and not each other, and had lost their connection to each other.

- Make sure that each of you retains a social life and interests outside of the relationship so that you have interesting things to talk about when you’re together.

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- Write silly notes to each other or play little pranks. Humour is essential in keeping a relationship fresh.

All relationships need maintenance. If we take each other for granted we may end up regretting those forgotten small gestures that would have meant so much.


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