Exploring Faith

Exploring Faith

Posted 2017-01-16 by Rachael Millsomfollow

To live life in faith is to move with the flow of life. It is to trust in life itself.

Faith conjures up different images for different people. Often it is connected to religion. This connection with religion may bring about positive or negative feelings in you depending where you stand when it comes to religion or if you stand anywhere at all with religion. Faith may seem wonderful in your eyes or it may seem blind.

Why would I want to have faith?

Maybe you are a sceptic, you are not religious in any way or you like to feel in control and so looking for faith doesn't' t register as something you want to have more of.

What if I said faith (on your terms) could:

  • give you a sense of peace in the chaos of life;
  • fill you with confidence as well as humility; and
  • allow you to trust and to grow in the flow of life.
  • Would faith then be something you want more of?

    The faith I am talking of is not blind, it accepts responsibility for mistakes as well as to grow forward. Yet faith trusts that growing will happen, trusts in life and the way it unfolds and importantly trusts you / others and your / their role in life.

    How can I grow faith?

    It might seems that some people just have this natural trust a faith in life and they ride the ups and downs of life so gracefully and you may wonder how can could ever be that way.

    Each of us have our own tendencies in different aspects of our personality, they are what makes each of us who we are. We can, however, choose to work on parts of us that are more behind the scenes or new to us. Faith is something you can work on.

    There are many ways you can grow faith, these are some of my ways:
  • get out in nature, and appreciate it while you are out there;
  • get in touch with your body, such as through yoga and meditation;
  • Get in touch with you and your body by simply being with it, listening to it and allowing sensation, feeling and emotion (if there seems like a lot to work through or this is overwhelming I encourage you to reach out for professional support)
  • Appreciate yourself and appreciate others (especially when it feels hard);
  • Aim to be unassuming of yourself and others;
  • Practice using your intuition (you could start with food - what do you feel like for dinner? - , or noticing when your body says yes or no and taking the supportive action for that);
  • Plan, but not too heavily so as to leave room for possibility;
  • Similarly set Intentions without knowing or deciding how that intention will be carried out and go with what feels right; and
  • Ask for guidance (from God, from spirit, universe, your higher self / mindful self).

  • This is not intended to be a check list. Choose what appeals (using your intuition :-)) and give that a go - notice the impact on you (hanging out with yourself). One new thing at a time is plenty. Be prepared to discover your own ways to grow faith and trust of yourself and your life - these will be the best ones for you.

    Finally - Go easy on yourself and others we are all learning and growing.


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