Everything Happens For The Sake Of Love

Everything Happens For The Sake Of Love

Posted 2013-12-14 by Lorettafollow

When my world shifts I feel it. I can’t see it, hear it or taste it but I can feel the vibrations around me, and especially within me. Sometimes it’s a pretty big and drastic shift, and sometimes it’s only small but still bursting with meaning.

The world will shift for you when the Universe feels that there is a lesson you need to learn. Although you might suffer or feel set back in life, the lessons will always help you grow and fill you with wisdom. These lessons really do help you to move forward in life, to enable you to approach future situations with a different state of mind, or to help you understand gratitude and to really embody empathy.

The universe teaches you out of love, always.

If you are in pain, uncomfortable or saddened you have to trust the Universe, and to believe with all of your heart that you will emerge a better and more knowledgeable person when the shift passes. Your sense of empathy will expand and life will be brighter.

This year the world has shifted significantly for me, and I know it has for you as well. It’s been a big, full and fantastic year. Some moments appeared to drag on and on, as if hauled by an old horse walking slowly uphill. When I look back now those long moments were mere days, they lasted for hours and no more than that. With each new day the heaviness subsided a little more, until I suddenly realised that everything was good again. Everything was fresh, clean and suddenly glowing with opportunity. It was only until I hit the next inevitable hurdle that I realised the lessons from past hurdles, and that I could use these lessons to help me through the hard times.

Every lesson is taught for a reason.

Right now I am in a beautiful place and everything has turned out more than ok. In fact, I am thrilled to find myself where I am in life compared to six months ago. I would not be here if I didn’t come through those days, if I didn’t enquire to the world for something more, and if I didn’t listen closely to what my intuition was saying.

Sometimes the shift is a storm and sometimes it’s a breeze.

Live with it. Move with it. And begin to understand that the situation you are in is perfect for where you are in life. Bad and good situations. You learn as much from the good as you do from the difficult because they are both a part of love.

Love encompasses everything. Love has no opposites, no enemies. Everything happens for the sake of love.

Often it’s hard to accept this, and often it’s much much easier spoken or written about than lived through. You just have to hold onto faith, as strong as you hold onto love itself, and trust that it is all worth it. You are worth it.

Every situation happens in your life so that you learn to be a better person, and to bring your soul to even closer alignment with love and a state of being that is divine. Being human beings we will never reach a complete state of enlightenment, or reach the state of divine completely. However, with your imperfections you can get awfully close, close enough to have such a fulfilled and empowering life here on earth.


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