Enjoying Things That Are Free

Enjoying Things That Are Free

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I enjoy many things that are free. Some of those things aren't available for sale and it just isn't possible to buy them. Other things can be bought but there are ways of getting them for free. Sometimes the joy comes not in avoiding having to pay but because an item has been given with love.

Things that just can't be bought
These include-
  • a smile
  • a friendly greeting
  • a good conversation
  • company of a friend
  • love, understanding, empathy, loyalty
  • lovely weather
  • fresh air
  • rain
  • a gentle breeze
  • Nature
  • natural environments such as the beach, a river, mountains or forest
  • birds flying free
  • all forms of fauna in their natural habitat
  • wildflowers

  • Many of these things present themselves to us unbidden and unexpected. That smile from a stranger walking past or the friendly greeting from someone you don't know in a shop lifts the spirits. It can be lovely when one gets chatting for a couple of minutes, reminding one there are many trustworthy, friendly people in the world.

    You can't buy true friends and catching up with family and friends is one of life's greatest joys. The positive emotions shared are priceless.

    There is nothing like a day of lovely weather to make one glad to be alive. Different people have different ideas about what 'lovely weather' is. Some think it is a sunny day while others prefer a cool day. Rain gladdens the heart of gardeners, but please, not too much rain. Floods aren't fun.

    I love a gentle breeze, rustling through the leaves. A cool breeze can stop a warm day from becoming too hot for comfort. The breeze allows one to smell the flowers in the garden. Obviously I don't suffer hayfever.

    Image by Marie Vonow

    Many aspects of Nature are free gifts which money can not buy. As one enjoys these things with a sense of awe , the day gets better and better.

    Things you can sometimes get for free
  • plant cuttings or seed from a friend
  • gifts of surplus fruit and vegetables
  • gifts of baked goods
  • books, furniture, clothes and the like handed on from friends or family
  • items left on the verge with a 'please take' note
  • items from Freecycle, giveaway listing with Gumtree, Facebook or similar
  • community groups who share excess produce
  • free magazines and newspapers
  • items redeemed with flybuys points (or similar scheme)
  • cup of coffee or food item from a loyalty card

  • Anything freely given by a friend, family member or neighbour has the added bonus of goodwill and perhaps love. This means not only do you not need to pay money for those plants, vegetables, biscuits or that coffee table, but you get a warm fuzzy feeling as well.

    When people give away things to others they do not know they are building a sense of community. Some people are not looking to make money from something they no longer need. They are happy to believe it is going to a good home instead of gathering cobwebs in the shed or adding to landfill. Research shows donating things has numerous benefits for the person doing the donating

    Image courtesy of Pixabay

    Free magazines and newspapers are available in various locations. Some supermarkets produce a free magazine containing recipes using products they sell. There may be seasonal articles with interesting information and ideas.

    Every Wednesday a free local newspaper is delivered in my area. Sometimes I pick up free fashion magazines or a publication about a particular area from a coffee shop or tourist office. I enjoy reading these magazines. I also enjoy borrowing from the library, a wonderful free service.

    One can also get free travel and products by redeeming flybuy points or similar. Then there are loyalty cards which provide the 5th or 6th cup of coffee, car wash or whatever for free. Of course one has to spend money first to get a freebie with these companies. Still, it can feel nice to get something for free.

    Not everything costs money and indeed, some things cannot be purchased. Feeling gratitude for these things can boost one's level of happiness. Next time you are worrying about money, think of the things in your life that can't be bought and remember to enjoy those things.


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