Embrace Life

Embrace Life

Posted 2013-12-08 by Mathilda K Burtonfollow

My partner was mucking around on Facebook yesterday, and a friend of his had posted the question:

In just two words, what would be the advice you would give your younger self?

His answer – Embrace life.

From all that he has told me, I always thought he had seized every opportunity life had thrown his way. I thought he had lived a full and exciting life, one with adventure and great memories.

I questioned him what he meant by ‘Embrace life’. He simply answered with,

“No matter what, I could have done more. I could have seen more, gone to more places, talked to more people, learnt more things. I could have just embraced it all, without questioning if I had the time or the money or the skills. I just should have done more when I was younger.”

And I think everyone can say that. We can all look back at some point in our lives and say, “I should have taken that chance.”

It really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Something so simple has really changed my attitude about what I’m currently doing with my life, and how I approach life in general. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch life happen around me – I want to go out, take it by the horns, and let it throw me around until I am so immersed in it that there is no way to stop it.

Why wait and see, when you can just go and do?


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