Eliminating Poverty Consciousness The Basics Part 2

Eliminating Poverty Consciousness The Basics Part 2

Posted 2013-11-30 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image The Secret Facebook page. With a poverty consciousness, none of these kids would even receive an education. With prosperity consciousness, the tides have turned. An abundance of money in this world is doing some more good than harm.

There are people who earn a high income, yet their income slips out of their hands as quickly as they make the cash. If the latter occurs, there is still a "blockage" somewhere leading to a diminished prosperity consciousness. Welcome to Part 2. If you have not read Part 1 yet, then I strongly advise you to read Part 1 first - as the money myths do flow in sequence/are a continuation from the last.

Limiting Belief # 5: You Have to Work Hard for your Money

Yes and no. When you're an employee working for someone else, there is always that expectation of hard work in order to earn your dough. With your own business, in the early stages there is a lot of hard work involved. Even though some of you have heard me use the term "hard work" before, however it feels so negative - like a hard slog. No different to how the convicts had to work for their loaves of bread in the colonial times.

Thankfully the times have changed, and they have worked in our favour. A bit of hard work, or rather some "inspired effort and sweat" is needed to get any career and/or new business idea off the ground. It helps to be clever, and to plan and prioritise your steps to getting somewhere. Look after after people first, and they will take care of you in return. We do need to exert some effort, yet it doesn't have to be a grind. When we work smart, abundance appears.

This is Justy's cheat sheet to abundance, and when it comes to implementing some cool business ideas that have worked - from highest to lowest priority:

1. Easiest to the hardest
2. Fastest to the slowest
3. Least expensive to the most expensive

For example, if I have a few articles to edit, and at the same time I want to place another covered call on a parcel of shares I earn. One requires a quick phone call to a options broker, while the other requires a bit more time. The brokerage cost will be more expensive than my time spent in editing and publishing a few articles.

Overall, the trade comes first. Why? It's easier to pick up the phone and get it over with. If I agree with the premium on offer to rent out my shares for a month, I go ahead with the trade with another $500 (or some amount, depending on the market) immediately placed into my bank account - all for only five minutes work. The $85 in brokerage is a real pleasure to pay for such a good return. More money made in five minutes than what editing articles would give me. The five minute call was easy. Sure, there was some thinking and asking questions involved, yet the process wasn't hard for $500 cash less brokerage.

The point I wish to make, is it is all about tapping into opportunities at the right time. Sometimes the greater the risk (as in that trade), the greater the reward. Working hard and making money have got nothing to do with each other in the 21st century - the information age. This thinking is old, outdated industrial age school of thought.

Limiting Belief # 6: We Can't Afford It

If, for example you see an item of clothing that you like. You take one quick look at the price tag and you say "I can't afford it." Truth be known, you wouldn't feel good. When you don't feel good about something (including money) you sway abundance away from you, whether consciously and/or unconsciously.

In such a situation it is better to say "I choose not to buy this item." Otherwise, even more empowering to ask yourself a quality question: "How can I afford it?"

That way, your mind will get to work. Your mind will begin to work with you to help you afford that particular item of clothing for example. Expect a miracle because you deserve one. There is always a solution to every problem.

Limiting Belief # 7: Don't Be Greedy

I am not advocating that "Greed is Good" in any way, shape or form. Greed at the expense of others is not good. Remember, we live in an abundant planet. There is plenty to share and to spare. The bible, of what is dubbed "the prosperity textbook" states that poverty is a sin, and that the creator of our universe (whoever that is for you) wants you to prosper.

When you're well off, and in a financial position of prosperity - you will be an amazing asset to your clients. Your life force energy will expand, and therefore so will your self confidence and vitality in putting in that extra effort and energy in being fantastic at what you do in your job and/or in your business. When you do this, money will amplify for you because you have made it.

With money, you will be able to help others and give more to much need charities. The more money you can have, you can also help yourself more - however and more importantly, you are able to help your friends and family more too - as well as others including your client/s and/or employer again.

"Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction." (Proverbs 13:18)

Limiting Belief # 8: Filthy Rich/Stinking Rich

Remember, your words do become flesh. That good old prosperity textbook even sums this up. There are great, well off people doing a lot of good for this planet.

Personally, as money gives me more choices in life; I also know what it feels like to be both well off/wealthy and poor...for sure, the smell of money is fantastic. Especially when you're holding onto those crisp green Australian bills, like they're freshly distributed from the printery to you. That aroma of new notes. It feels good to have in your hand on the back of materialising such abundance for the good of others from your mind first.

Have a great week, and Part 3 will be on its way to you real soon. Thank you.


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