Eliminating Poverty Consciousness The Basics Part 1

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Trust me, it is so awesome to be cashed up with heaps of money. A small glimpse of the notes in my wallet today.

Money gives us all more choices in life, and is a tool to serve other people. Without a decent, abundant supply of money - none of us would be able to enjoy life's pleasures and comforts. Nor would we be in a position to help other people. It is in this beautiful flow of giving and receiving, that abundance stays in our domain.

On Self Avenue, we are going to continue to add more value into your life - by publishing more articles when it comes to manifesting more abundance and prosperity into your life when it comes to money, as well as with other life areas in keeping the wheel balanced so to speak.

Even when it comes to manifesting more abundance in the smallest things; abundance will not flow with a poverty consciousness embedded in either your conscious or unconscious mind. Now, you might be working so hard - and on the back of this wondering where your abundance is? This could all change by a simple change of programming - in other words by changing any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that could be stored in your mind, and even unconsciously.

Below, I will debunk the most common money myths/limiting beliefs that many (if not all of us) were fed by well meaning parents and school teachers (to name) while growing up. This is where such limiting beliefs could be running in your unconscious mind, and it is not your fault. Despite your great efforts, these yucky beliefs could be sabotaging your success when it comes to making more, and in keeping the money that comes into your hands. It needs to be sticky.

Limiting Belief # 1: Money Does Not Grow on Trees

Wow, how often we have heard this. As a child, perhaps you wanted something, and you asked your mum or dad for it. They could have had a bad day. They blurt out in a cranky tone "money does not grow on trees you know."

This is interesting. You can create your own money tree. Give more to your clients in terms of use value than what you're receiving in cash value, and your business and career will take off. Do this, and then learn how to invest wisely. Work hard for passive income. With this article, I earn CPM for every time someone reads it. Why? I am providing valuable content and adding value to your world, in exchange to you wonderful subscribers and readers to Self Avenue - and all for free.

At my first personal development seminar, they had this tree, and we all had to bring in an extra $50 to add to this tree. Day by day this tree was full of money, beginning with no money at all. This is how I was taught to believe that "money does grow on trees," and it has ever since.

Limiting Belief # 2: It Takes Money to Make Money

Not necessarily. To be a freelance writer and editor on such websites as Self Avenue, I required hardly any money to get such business ventures off the ground. Just a bit of time and 'sweat equity.' There is no need to re-mortgage the house to earn more money. Many new projects just require a lot of hard work, and only a little bit of money, if at all.

If a little bit of money is required to start your own project, it does not have to be your own. Careful use of Other People's Money (OPM) is a great form of leverage. Good debt is borrowing money to buy assets and businesses that appreciate in value. This is where the banks are fantastic. Prove to them that you don't need the money in the first place, and they'll lend it to you with ease and grace in nearly all cases.

Limiting Belief # 3: Money Can't Buy Happiness

In some cases this is correct. Some of the happiest people on the planet have the least amount of money. However, let me tell you from first hand experience that life is 100 times more enjoyable with an abundance of cash - with more cash than you can physically handle. Why? Life is really more enjoyable. I can pursue my business ventures with love and passion, without the need for desperation. Holidays are at least 20 times more enjoyable. You can order and buy whatever you want, without having to look at the price tag. You can ask for payment of your services to a client whenever you want. Again, no desperation attached.

I don't know about you, however there was a time when my first business went under after 12 months of operation many years ago. It left me $65,000 in the red. My house (at the time) was mortgaged to the limit, and my credit cards were maxed out with only $10 in the bank. Being able to buy a simple train ticket home from the city was a mammoth task. A lack of money causes restrictions to your lifestyle, and a ton of unwanted stress and misery.

Limiting Belief # 4: Money Doesn't Come Easy

If you have that limiting belief that "I must work hard to make money," then let that go, and replace that limiting belief with something more enjoyable such as "Money comes to me easily and frequently." Money can come to you with ease and grace (flowing like a river) if you allow it to. This is all dictated by your thoughts. Income can and does come from a multitude of sources, and only if you're open to receiving money from many different and unexpected sources beyond your work.

This is enough food for thought on this for now, to help you boost your prosperity consciousness and manifest more abundance in your life. Stay tuned on Self Avenue for Part 2 of this series. Enjoy.


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