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Finding topics you want to develop into an article, blog post, essay, short story, novel or poem can be easy. It is a good idea to make a record of any ideas you have if you can't get stuck into writing immediately because you are likely to have forgotten by the time you are free to sit at your keyboard.

Here are five ways to find topics-
Writing blogs
Some writers give prompts to get you thinking. As I type this, writer/blogger Carolyn Cordon is providing a prompt each day for February 2020 to encourage readers to create poetry. As the prompts are not time/date specific they could be used any time and they could be used for any form of writing. The first two prompts were rush and star. Check out Carolyn's blog

Writing magazines
Positive Words is a monthly magazine which includes readers' writing, competitions and a writing topic for every day of the month. There is a mini competition each month with a theme for each month. These themes could also provide topics for other writing ventures. For further information

Writing group
Not all writing groups provide a prompt at each meeting but I am fortunate enough to attend one that does. In addition, a topic is given for us to write about for homework, but as it is optional there is no pressure to produce a literary masterpiece before the next meeting.

Even if you attend a group that doesn't suggest regular writing prompts, other members may have ideas for topics you can write about.

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Your local supermarket won't provide you with a printed list of topics but you will find writing ideas there. Yesterday I had a chatty checkout assistant who told me about feeding birds that come to her backyard. She saw the budget priced 5kg bag of bird seed I was buying and asked if I had caged birds or if it was for avian friends that visit my garden. She said lots of people buy that particular item to feed visiting birds.

I won't go into details of the rest of the conversation but that verbal interchange provided me with the writing topic/prompt bird and gave me a number of specific ideas for writing including -
  • pros and cons of feeding birds that visit your yard
  • suitable food to feed birds and what to avoid
  • places where you can hand feed birds

  • Other possible topics could be -
  • Saving money at the supermarket
  • Automatic check outs versus a check out operated by a real person
  • A brief history of the progression from the grocery shop and corner store to the supermarket of today
  • Is the choice of products overwhelming?
  • Over-packaging
  • Supermarket versus shopping at farmers' markets
  • On line grocery shopping versus shopping in person
  • Frustrations of shopping at the supermarket

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    Swimming pool
    I have started going to the local indoor pool for aqua aerobics sessions. As well as getting low impact exercise I enjoy the social interaction. I often have coffee with the group after our exercise session. Many topics of conversation come up which provide ideas for me to write about.

    No one tells me what the day's writing prompt is but I find plenty just from attending the class. Prompts could include -
  • exercise
  • pool
  • water
  • family
  • children
  • bathers
  • coffee
  • making friends
  • trying a new activity

  • Any other activity you attend, whether it be a quilting group, art workshop, sport or volunteer work, will provide topics for your writing.

    Keep a list of topics handy to refer to when you are sitting at your keyboard.


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